Pipe connectors

As static seals for standard pipe connectors applied in the food and pharmaceutical industry we offer dairy coupling and clamp connection designs.

Seals for dairy couplings

Dairy couplings facilitate the connecting and sealing of pipelines for liquid media. These DIN 11851 standardized sealing connections ensure an extremely quick and uncomplicated installation. Moreover, they can be easily separated from the flange, so that frequent dismantling is not a problem. Because of the good cost-benefit ratio, dairy couplings are especially suitable for small plants that are not run continuously. The seals in the connections are normally manufactured from pure PTFE. They are suited for maximum operating pressures of 40 bar.

ptfe statische dichtungen milchrohrverschraubungen.

Nominal width

DNø D (mm)ø D (mm)r (mm)H (mm)
DN 1012202,304,50
DN 1518262,304,50
DN 2023332,804,50
DN 2530402,805,00
DN 3236462,805,00
DN 4042522,805,00
DN 5054642,805,00
DN 6571812,805,00
DN 75 (3“)78882,805,00
DN 8085952,805,00
DN 90941042,805,00
DN 1001041142,806,00
DN 1251301423,507,00
DN 1501551673,507,00

Clamp seal

Easily disconnectable clamp sealings are ideal for fast and reliable pipe connections in continuously running systems. Due to the symmetric design of the flange, no oriented installation of seals is necessary.

ptfe statische dichtungen clampdichtungen.

The seal dimensions are standardized according to ISO 2852 (inch) or DIN 32676 and ISO 1127 (metric). Further dimensions are available on request.


Per standard CCN-01 (PTFE pure)
Insert FKM

Dimensions DIN 32676

DINPipe out. ø x Wall (mm)
DN 1012.0 x 1.0
DN 1519.0 x 1.5
DN 2023.0 x 1.5
DN 2529.0 x 1.5
DN 3235.0 x 1.5
DN 4041.0 x 1.5
DN 5053.0 x 1.5
DN 6570.0 x 2.0
DN 8085.0 x 2.0
DN 100104.0 x 2.0

Dimensions ISO 2852

ISOPipe out. ø x Wall (mm)
ISO 813.5 x 1.6
ISO 1017.2 x 1.6
ISO 1521.3 x 1.6
ISO 2026.9 x 1.6
ISO 2533.7 x 2.0
ISO 3242.4 x 2.0
ISO 4048.3 x 2.0
ISO 5060.3 x 2.0
ISO 6576.1 x 2.0
ISO 8088.9 x 2.0
ISO 100114.3 x 2.0

Design variants

Clamp connectors have no metallic stop. In a worst case, the seal can be compressed too strongly and media may infiltrate behind the seal. Clamp seals are therefore sometimes used with elastomer inserts.

Clamp seal with lip

ptfe statische dichtungen clampdichtung lippe icon.

Clamp seal with lip and sealing insert

ptfe statische dichtungen clampdichtung lippe einlage icon.

Clamp seal without lip

ptfe statische dichtungen clampdichtung ohne lippe icon.

Clamp seal without lip, with sealing insert

ptfe statische dichtungen clampdichtung ohne lippe einlage icon.


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