Hollow rods

Pressed hollow rods

Hollow rods can be manufactured using special press and sintering technologies. The semi-finished products are manufactured with respective allowances. These allowances are set such that as little waste as possible is produced during machining while at the same time ensuring that the finished part contour can be manufactured without problems. PTFE CC GmbH has a narrowly graded tools park to achieve an optimal ratio between the dimensions of the semi-finished product and that of the finished component. Due to the varying material-related shrinkage that occurs (there are marked differences between pure PTFE, modified PTFE and PTFE compounds), slight variances in the dimensions of the semi-finished products are possible even when working with the same tool dimensions. For this reason, we do not work with semi-finished listings, but adapt the dimensions of the semi-finished product to your finished product dimensions.

Extruded hollow rods

During a process called RAM extrusion, a periodically moving punch presses the PTFE powder in batches through a heated tube. The pressing force required for the compression is realized by wall friction or, additionally, by a brake. Several heat zones along the extrusion tube and a special temperature profile ensure that the PTFE rod is sintered through fully. The design is generally subject to the shape of the extrusion cylinder. For example, when a tube is manufactured, a mandrel is used to form the inner diameter. Using RAM extrusion, rod-shaped hollow rods are manufactured quasi-continuously and economically. Please note that only standard materials such as pure PTFE, PTFE/glass fiber or PTFE/carbon are extrudable. The standard lengths are 1 m to 2 m.

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